New Sounds: Emma Jayne cheerfully rides solo on ‘Tandem Bike’

Sara Bareilles broke into mainstream radio in 2007 with a song about refusing to write another damn cookie cutter love song for her breakthrough album, Little Voice. Ten years later, Chicago-based Boston University student Emma Jayne is doing something that’s not all that different, both thematically and stylistically.

Jayne’s video for “Tandem Bike,” an ode to being positively self-sufficient, dropped today (September 7), representing a snippet of her forthcoming album Jetlagdue September 22. Aside from being helplessly catchy, Jayne’s second release from her new album is a bright-eyed exuberance of confidence and offers much-needed sunshine to 2017.




INTERVIEW: Emma Jayne releases debut album at Terrier Spotlight event

At age 6, Emma Jayne Seslowsky started learning how to play piano. At 14, she wrote songs to share with a supportive group of friends at sleepaway summer camp. Now, at 21, Seslowsky has released her debut album, “Jetlag.”

Seslowsky is a senior studying journalism in Boston University’s College of Communication, but she’s more than just a student. According to her father, Eddie Seslowsky, she always had a passion for music. Her parents started her in piano lessons when she was young, and by the time she was in middle school, she was landing lead singing roles in her school’s plays.

“You just see her really shine and start smiling when she’s around music and musical instruments and musical folks,” her father said.

“Jetlag” is a culmination of two years of hard work, writing and recording her innermost feelings on a variety of topics including love, family, self-confidence, self-searching, and independence, Seslowsky said.